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      Learn about evidence-based policies and strategies to address human need, build strong communities, boost economic growth, promote immigrant integration, and preserve the American dream


      How does global migration impact local communities? What are the key challenges and opportunities?  In an era of highly-charged debate on immigraton, often based on fear and misinformation, what light can the research community shed on these questons?

      This site provides digests of important research dealing with policy options and model practices designed to promote immigrant integration, intergroup understanding, economic revitalization, and organizational success.

      More than 1,000 abstracts (with links to the full studies) have been grouped into 12 topical collections listed on the navigation bar. The Portal also provides links to events, commentary, and selected media coverage of interest to our readers. See below for latest additions.






October 15, 2016
The immense value that immigrants have always brought to America
Esther J. Cepeda, The Salt Lake Tribune
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October 9, 2016
Immigration is a dying issue
Tim Kane, CNN
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September 29, 2016
What Does Immigratio Actually Cost Us?
Thomas B. Edsall The New York Times
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September 28, 2016
Why I'm voting for Hillary Clinton
Steve Case, The Washinton Post
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September 23, 2016
Mass deportation isn't just impractical. It's very, very dangerous
Danielle Allen & Richard Ashby Wilson, The Washington Post
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September 22, 2016
The Riddle of Immigrant Voting
Harold Meyerson, The American Prospect
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September 22, 2016
Trump lets the immigration cat out of the bag
Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post
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September 13, 2016
Immigration is the Key to America's Greatness
Deborah Waxman, Huffington Post
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September 13,2016
The Truth About Undocumented Immigrants and Taxes
Alexia Fernandez Campbell, The Atlantic
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September 13, 2016
Is Any Immigration Reform Possible in This Political Climate?
Room for Debate, The New York Times
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September 12, 216
Integration and Multiculturalism: Finding a New Metaphor
Andrew Griffith, Policy Options
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September 12, 2016
Yes, Immigration Hurts American Workers
George J. Borjas, Politico
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September 10, 2016
The 30 Million Immigrants Trump Would Turn Away
Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic
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September 6, 2016
Immigrants don't commit more crimes. Why does the myth persist?
Bianca E. Bersani & Alex R. Piquero, The Los Angeles Times
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September 6, 2016
Why Restricting Immigration Won't Improve Work Opportunities for Natives
Walter Ewing, Immigration Impact
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September 5, 2016
Could Immigration Save Middle America
Livia Gershon, JStor Daily
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September 2, 2016
The Immigrants Turned Away
Timothy Egan, The New York Times
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September 2, 2016
Trump's fuzzy math on undocumented immigrants convicted of crimes
Michelle Ye Hee Lee, The Washington Post
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September 1, 2016
A wall against clear thinking on immigration and policing
Vanda Felbab-Brown, Brookings Blog
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August 17, 2016
Portraying Muslims as a Threat to Women, Donald Trump Echoes 'Us vs. Them' Refrain
Amanda Taub, The New York Times
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August 17, 2016
The Case for Extreme Immigrant Vetting
George J. Borjas, Politico
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August 14, 2016
Welcoming new immigrants will lift all of us
Ben McAdams, Lane Beattle & Dinesh Patel, The Salt Lake Tribune
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August 9, 2016
How 'They' Become 'We'
Michael Fix, The American Prospect
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August 1, 2016
Mexico is already the immigration 'wall' some politicians want
Mary Speck, The Los Angeles Times
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July 30, 2016
America once excelled at immigrant integration. Here's the way back
Janet Murguia, PBS Newshour
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July 29, 2016
Moving past the immigration impasse in a bipartisan way
Al Cardenas, The Hll
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July 28, 2016
Deep Thinking About Immigration
James Ryerson, The New York Times
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July 28, 2016
Just how big a lie is Trump telling on immigration?
Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post
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July 27, 2016
What the U.S. Presidential Candidates Are Missing in the Immigration Debate
Carl Nettleton, Fortune
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July 27, 2016
Why Unemployment Is Lower When Immigration Is Higher
David Bier, Cato Institute
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July 25, 2016
How the Democratic Party Platform Addresses Immigration
Joshua Breisblatt, American Immigration Council
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July 23, 2016
Deconstructing the Myth of the Criminal Immigrant
Cyrus Mehta, The Insightful Immigration Blog
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July 15, 2016
We Take Care of Our Own
David Brooks, The New York Times
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July 8, 2016
U.S. must lead on refugee crisis
Michael V. Hayden & James Stavridis
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July 6, 2016
Can Obama Pardon Millions of Immigrants?
Peter L. Markowitz, The New York Times
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July 5, 2016
'I was a stranger and you welcomed me'
Tony Magliano, National Catholic Reporter
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July 1, 2016
Obama Legacy: Immigration stands as most glaring failure
Kathleen Hennessey, Associated Press
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"..A quiet revolution is occurring in America's cities and metropolitan areas. Rather than playing to fears or rejecting newcomers, municipal leaders are coming up with new data-driven strategies to welcome and better integrate new Americans."

Manuel Pastor & Rhonda Ortiz, Opening Minds, Opening Doors, Opening Communities: Cities Leading for Immigrant Integration, 2015, p. 40.
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Around the country, state and local officials are responding in creative ways to the challenge of integrating the roughly 20 million immigrants who entered the United States over the last two decades. Learn about their work on our local government and state government pages.

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(Click on headline to read more about each resource)

National Academies conducts a comprehensive review of the literature on the economic and fiscal impacts of immigration

CMS researcher questions accuracy of reported surge in U.S. immigrant arrivals

Allegheny County (PA) produces a "Blueprint" for immigrant integration over a 5-year period

MPI paper explores the policy and practice implications of the growing immigrant presence in Head Start programs

Study finds that participation in the DAC program "significantly reduced" the likelihood of college enrollment by DACA-eligible youth who had completed high school or earned a GED

Report finds that the DACA program reduced the likelihood of poverty among eligible immigrants by 38 percent

Study calls attention to a flaw in research showing poor health outcomes among the children and grandchildren of Mexican immigrants

Research from New American Economy stresses the role of immigrants in filig current and future shortages of health care workers in the U.S.

White paper suggests that immigrant welcome work can advance the goal of health equity

MPI publishes new data on naturalization trends in the United States

Cato examines the visa categories used by foreign-born terrorists over a 41-year period and does a cost-benefit analysis of proposals to curtail refugee, immigrant, or tourist admissions

UNHCR official offers blueprint for dealing with the world refugee crisis, including greater responsibility-sharing on the part of the world community

Essay describes how leaders in Germany and the United States are working together to promote welcoming communities

MPI examines funding mechanisms for immigrant education in Canada, France, Germany, and the United States

Committee for Immigration Reform Advocacy suggests steps that USCIS can take to improve the reach and effectiveness of the DACA Program

Report finds that use of the Optional Practical Training Program by international students has enhanced Michigan's economic competitiveness

What do we know about the people who support Donald Trump?  Gallup provides some answers that challenge the conventional wisdom

Report finds little evidence that the decrease in labor force participation by native-born Americans is the result of immigrants taking jobs and driving down wages

Report finds alarming evidence of disparities in mental health treatment for black and Hispanic children

Report finds that Internet use by Latinos, especially through mobile devices, has jumped to 84 percent

MPI report analyzes the impact and "unfinished business" from the Immigration Act of 1990

With DACA and DAPA (and perhas the Trump candidacy) as the backdrop, legal scholar seeks to understand proper limits on the exercise of prosecutorial discretion

Study finds that refugees from Bosnia, Burma, Laos, and Somalia are successfully integrating into local U.S. communities

Partnership produces reports on the contributions of new Americans to the economies of each of the states and the District of Columbia

GCIR report urges Texas grantmakers to commit resources to the goal of immigrant and refugee integration

Report analyzes the contributions that immigrants and refugees are making to the local economy in Akron (OH)

According to New Jersey study, absence of legal representation in deportation proceedings leads to harsh consequences

MPI's advice to government officials on both sides of the Atlantic:  take action to address public anxiety over immigration

National Academy holds a roundtable to discuss progress and challenges in integrating health literacy, cultural competence, and language access services into the healthcare system

Brookings and PPRI conduct far-reaching survey of American attitudes on immigration

Using innovative methodology, CSI report analyzes the "eligble-to-naturalize" population in Los Angeles County

MPI paper seeks to understand Canada's success as an immigrant nation

IOM publishes second volume in its "Fatal Journeys" series looking at procedures for identifying and tracing dead and missing migrants

Paper critiques the concept of the "feminization of migration" and calls for greater methodological sophistication in studying gender factors in migration

Task Force examines the workforce needs of of high-skilled immigrants and immigrant entrepreneurs in New Jersey

Paper reviews the experiences of earlier U.S. immigrant groups and finds recuring pattern of "discrimination and oppression"

Report links spike in anti-Muslim violence in 2015 and 2016 to the heated rhetoric of Donald Trump and other candidates for president

Report finds pressing need for foreign-trained, immigrant health professionals to fill personnel shortages in the U.S. healthcare industry

Report released on the first year of a demonstration project to build effective partnerships between community colleges and community-based organizations to educate and train immigrant workers

President Emeritus of the Migration Policy Institute offers candid advice to political leaders on migration policy

George Mason University produces state fact sheets on immigration

Survey research suggests that the dissemination of accurate information about immigration can help to reduce biased attitudes and change policy preferences

MPI paper on public opinion in the UK advises government officials to pay careful attention to the concerns of the "anxious middle" on immigration policy

Fairfield University develops toolkit to help Catholic churches organize parish dialogues on immigration-related issues

MPI report compares the U.S. and European experience in integrating Muslim immigrants

Immigrant casino workers in Las Vegas, according to University of California report, allege widespread labor and safety violations

Paper from the American Action Forum measures the impact on specific industries of the removal of al undocumented immigrants from the U.S.

AHRQ reviews 37,000 English language studies dealing with the provision of "culturally appropriate health care"

USC report assesses the impact of the recently announced partial fee waiver for citizenship applications

More Recent Additions to Portal Collections