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Essay critiques the concept of "wrongfulness" in cross-border migration and suggests other ways to justify the regularization of undocumented immigrants

National Immigration Forum stresses the importance of immigrant skill development and training in a newly-released policy paper

National Skills Coalition releases transition paper with detailed recommendations for the new administration on workforce education and training

MPI paper examines the history of border walls and questions their usefulness in stopping unauthorized migration

Research suggests that restrictive state laws on immigration are not effective in reducing the size of the undocumented population

Paper critiques the concept of "earned legalization" or "earned citizenship" and suggests that undocumented people should be viewed as an oppressed caste in American society

Blue Ribbon Panel of migration experts proposes a new bilateral worker agreement between the United States and Mexico

National Immigration Forum publishes blueprint for a bipartisan, "market-oriented," immigration reform plan

New American Economy publishes snapshot of immigrants in Lancaster County (PA)

New York State publishes portrait of its immigrant population

New data platform will greatly increse the amount of information available about immigrant entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Why are immigrants more entrepreneurial? New research suggests that their cross-cultural experiences enable them to identify and pursue business opportunities

Paper questions the neglect of the learner's own language in teaching English

National Skills Coalition publishes Integrated Education and Training Toolkit

MPI paper reviews precedents and prospects for the free movement of people in South America

Aspen Institute paper calls for greater effort to help immigrants gain access to workforce training services and identifies key strategies to achieve this goal

What can be done to facilitate early employment for refugees and asylum seekers?  Report from the Transatlantic Council examines promising practices in Europe

Paper from the Transatlantic Council examines the feasibility of opening up regular migration channels to refugees

Report from Amnesty International faults the inaction of the United Nations General Assembly on apportioning member state responsibility for refugee relief and protection

MPI examines the role of immigrants in the military

Survey and report completed on the technology needs of immigrant rights and immigrant legal service organizations

American Immigration Council conducts first national study of the impact of legal representation on the disposition of deportation cases

Report from King County Task Force (Washington State) urges the formation of an Immigrant and Refugee Commission and associated office to promote immigrant integration

California Commission undertakes an analysis of licensing requirements for regulated professions

Welcoming America produces toolkits and other resources to build more accepting attitudes towards immigrants and refugees in local communities

MPI report exmines the funding streams for K-12 immigrant education and recommends strategies to achieve greater equity in the distribution of resources

Report points to the "outsized role" played by immigrant entrepreneurs in the U.S. economy

National Academies conducts a comprehensive review of the literature on the economic and fiscal impacts of immigration

CMS researcher questions accuracy of reported surge in U.S. immigrant arrivals

Allegheny County (PA) produces a "Blueprint" for immigrant integration over a 5-year period

MPI paper explores the policy and practice implications of the growing immigrant presence in Head Start programs

Study finds that participation in the DAC program "significantly reduced" the likelihood of college enrollment by DACA-eligible youth who had completed high school or earned a GED

Report finds that the DACA program reduced the likelihood of poverty among eligible immigrants by 38 percent

Study calls attention to a flaw in research showing poor health outcomes among the children and grandchildren of Mexican immigrants

Research from New American Economy stresses the role of immigrants in filig current and future shortages of health care workers in the U.S.

White paper suggests that immigrant welcome work can advance the goal of health equity

MPI publishes new data on naturalization trends in the United States

Cato examines the visa categories used by foreign-born terrorists over a 41-year period and does a cost-benefit analysis of proposals to curtail refugee, immigrant, or tourist admissions

UNHCR official offers blueprint for dealing with the world refugee crisis, including greater responsibility-sharing on the part of the world community

Essay describes how leaders in Germany and the United States are working together to promote welcoming communities

MPI examines funding mechanisms for immigrant education in Canada, France, Germany, and the United States

Committee for Immigration Reform Advocacy suggests steps that USCIS can take to improve the reach and effectiveness of the DACA Program

Report finds that use of the Optional Practical Training Program by international students has enhanced Michigan's economic competitiveness

What do we know about the people who support Donald Trump?  Gallup provides some answers that challenge the conventional wisdom

Report finds little evidence that the decrease in labor force participation by native-born Americans is the result of immigrants taking jobs and driving down wages

Report finds alarming evidence of disparities in mental health treatment for black and Hispanic children

Report finds that Internet use by Latinos, especially through mobile devices, has jumped to 84 percent

MPI paper seeks to understand Canada's success as an immigrant nation

IOM publishes second volume in its "Fatal Journeys" series looking at procedures for identifying and tracing dead and missing migrants

Paper critiques the concept of the "feminization of migration" and calls for greater methodological sophistication in studying gender factors in migration

Task Force examines the workforce needs of of high-skilled immigrants and immigrant entrepreneurs in New Jersey

Paper reviews the experiences of earlier U.S. immigrant groups and finds recuring pattern of "discrimination and oppression"

Report links spike in anti-Muslim violence in 2015 and 2016 to the heated rhetoric of Donald Trump and other candidates for president

Report finds pressing need for foreign-trained, immigrant health professionals to fill personnel shortages in the U.S. healthcare industry

Report released on the first year of a demonstration project to build effective partnerships between community colleges and community-based organizations to educate and train immigrant workers

President Emeritus of the Migration Policy Institute offers candid advice to political leaders on migration policy

George Mason University produces state fact sheets on immigration

Survey research suggests that the dissemination of accurate information about immigration can help to reduce biased attitudes and change policy preferences

MPI paper on public opinion in the UK advises government officials to pay careful attention to the concerns of the "anxious middle" on immigration policy

Fairfield University develops toolkit to help Catholic churches organize parish dialogues on immigration-related issues

MPI report compares the U.S. and European experience in integrating Muslim immigrants

Immigrant casino workers in Las Vegas, according to University of California report, allege widespread labor and safety violations

Paper from the American Action Forum measures the impact on specific industries of the removal of al undocumented immigrants from the U.S.

AHRQ reviews 37,000 English language studies dealing with the provision of "culturally appropriate health care"

USC report assesses the impact of the recently announced partial fee waiver for citizenship applications

MPI report analyzes the impact and "unfinished business" from the Immigration Act of 1990

With DACA and DAPA (and perhas the Trump candidacy) as the backdrop, legal scholar seeks to understand proper limits on the exercise of prosecutorial discretion

Study finds that refugees from Bosnia, Burma, Laos, and Somalia are successfully integrating into local U.S. communities

Partnership produces reports on the contributions of new Americans to the economies of each of the states and the District of Columbia

GCIR report urges Texas grantmakers to commit resources to the goal of immigrant and refugee integration

Report analyzes the contributions that immigrants and refugees are making to the local economy in Akron (OH)

According to New Jersey study, absence of legal representation in deportation proceedings leads to harsh consequences

MPI's advice to government officials on both sides of the Atlantic:  take action to address public anxiety over immigration

National Academy holds a roundtable to discuss progress and challenges in integrating health literacy, cultural competence, and language access services into the healthcare system

Brookings and PPRI conduct far-reaching survey of American attitudes on immigration

Using innovative methodology, CSI report analyzes the "eligble-to-naturalize" population in Los Angeles County

Report from MPI Europe urges governments to open up new migration channels for refugees to address a "displacement crisis of historic proportions"

Partnership for a New American Economy publishes "snapshots" of immigrant contributions to local economies in Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, Columbus, Denver, and Toledo

MPI report examines the challenges faced by refugee parents in Massachusetts in accessing high quality childcare and recommends steps to ease the problem

Immigration reform essential to the viability of the health care sector in the Midwest, according to report from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Paper argues that investments in adult ESOL classes will contribute to the overall economic health of New York City and State

Paper urges a more inclusive, immigrant-focusd approach to workforce development in New York City

Study finds that immigrants started half of all billion dollar start-up companies in the United States

Study analyzes the current and potential state and local tax contributions of undocumented immigrants

2015 American Values Atlas finds that 62 percent of Americans favor a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants

MPI study finds that the children of refugees in the U.S. are "in the main, integrating successfully and achieving self-sufficiency"

Paper critiques the "skills gap" thesis in workforce education and urges the reintroduction of a social justice perspective in adult education

Study examines the factors associated with occupational injury or illness among immigrant day laborers

MPI paper sees advantages to both Germany and Turkey in the increased circularity of migration between the two countries

MPI and Urban Institute study shows how families with undocumented parents will improve their economic lot and lift a burden off their citizen children through participation in the DAPA program

Article analyzes the socio-economic characteristics of immigrants likely to benefit from the Obama Administration's executive action programs

Focusing on the tragic death of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco, scholar analyzes the use of coded racial narratives to advance restrictionist immigration policies

Report exposes the white nationalist roots of the immigration restriction movement in the U.S.

Pilot project explores how to increase the enrollment of refugee children in Head Start and other early childhood programs

RISE study tracks the progress made by refugees in integrating into the social, civic, and economic life of the State of Colorado

MPI report reviews initiatives to maximize the economic potential of skilled immigrants in both receiving and sending countries

AIC paper profiles promising programs to promote immigrant entrepreneurship in Chicago, Dayton, and Nashville

Paper reviews efforts to provide health insurance coverage to undocumented immigrants in California

MPI report examines the outflow of wealthy and highly skilled emigrants from China

Report finds that refugees are making significant economic contributions to the economy of central Ohio

Paper suggests that worksite immigration enforcement leads to a form of servitude outlawed by the 13th amendent to the Constitution

National Academies report draws lessons from other OECD coutries on how the U.S. can coninue to attract high skilled immigrants and remain competitive in the global economy

Stanford University report examines the state of Latino entrepreneurship in the U.S

Paper argues that it is difficult for female victims of domestic violence, who don't fit the prevailing stereotype of passive and helpless victims, to obtain asylum under U.S. law

Paper suggests tha the roots of "crimmigration" run deep in American history

New American Leaders Project analyzes imbalances in the representation of immigrants and minoritie in state legislatures

CAP report examnes the role of for-profit prison companies in influencing U.S. immigrant detention policies

MPI publishes a statistical portrait of current European immigrants to the U.S.

Urban Institute examines the preschool enrollment patterns of immigrant children in Silicon Valley and suggests ways to remove barriers to access

CMS report shows a continued drop in the U.S. undocumented population to 10.9 million in 2014 -- the lowest level since 2003

MPI paper recommends improvements in current procedures for measuring the effectiveness of border controls

Paper discusses major issues in immigration policy from an economic development perspective

White House Task Force on New Americans issues its one-year progress report

USC study examines the "quiet revolution" unfoldng in 63 cities with governmental bodies promoting immigrant integration

City of Auroa (CO) produces a three-year "comprehensive strategic plan" to fully engage immigrants in the civic, economic, and cultural life of the community

OneAmerica produces report on foreign-educated immigrants in Washington State

MPI paper examines the root causes of the world refugee protection crisis and calls for the development of more "comprehensive" policy solutions

Transatlantic Council paper examines the "brain drain" of educated Europeans to other countries

2015 report from the International Organization for Migration looks at the intersection of migration and urbanization

Bipartisan Policy Center report estimates the budgetary impact of various immigration reform proposals and urges an "all of the above" approach

PEW study finds that 1 million Mexicans left the U.S. over the last 5 years, reducing the Mexican population from 12.8 million to 11.7 million

IOM paper examines strategies for immigrant inclusion in U.S. Cities

Report analyzes the economic contributions and potential of African immigrants in Minnesota

Keynote address by David A. Martin puts forward the "enigma principle" in refugee protection

Transatlantic Council on Migration calls for reform of the global refugee protection system

Urban Institute report analyzes the role of employers in advancing immigrant integration

IOM surveys world public opinion on immigration

Paper argues that international human rights law fails to provide protections for undocumented immigrants

Study attempts to understand the banking and credit habits of undocumented immigrants

What explains the "healthy immigrant effect?" New study attempts to determine the role of government immigrant admission policy?

Joyce Foundation publishes an evaluation of the "Shifting Gears" program designed to help adult education students transition to post-secondary education and gain employment-related credentials

MPI publishes an analysis of the unauthorized population by country and region of birth, showing changing trends over time, distribution of specific groups by state, and participation rates in the DACA program

MPI analyzes DACA renewal statistics and suggests why some immigrants have refrained from renewing

CIRI estimates the cost of providing legal and related services to immigrants eligible for the expanded DACA and DAPA programs

The Building Integrated Communities Project of the University of North Carolina releases report on immigrant integration challenges in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, NC

USC study urges San Diego leaders to address growing social inequities, including the marginalization of immigrants, to permit the city to thrive in the 21st century

MPI report examines the nature, extent and consequences of discrimination directed at immigrant children

Study finds weak relationship between immigrant educational levels and the educational attainment of their children

IMPRINT surveys over 5,000 foreign-educated immigrant professionals in an effort to identify the factors associated with career success in the U.S.

Urban Institute conducts comprehensive review of the literature on the impact of parental deportation on the well-being of immigrant children

Urban Institute study shows that supportive parenting practices, i.e. those designed to promote children's social and cognitive development, vary by immigrants' country and region of background

Paper from the Transatlantic Council on Migration calls for new approaches in responding to the forced displacement of people

Paper makes the case for "resolute enforcement" of the nation's immigration laws in order to sustain a generous immigration policy

MPI examines the effectiveness of the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program in integrating refugees

American Immigration Council publishes report on "The Criminalization of Immigration in the United States"

Welcoming America publishes 92-page "Guide to Immigrant Economic Development"

Paper assers that new forms of racism hide behind "English-only" policies and that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not provide sufficient protection for language minorities

Report from Brookings analyzes the lessons learned from the implementation of the  DACA program and how they may apply to DAPA and other future immigration reform initiatives targeting the undocumented

Scholars argue that the "California Package" of pro-immigrant state legislation creates a "de facto" form of state citizenship

Report marshals evidence to show that the life chances of citizen children are seriously jeopardized when one or more of their parents are undocumented

Pittsburgh publishes its "Welcoming Pittsburgh Plan" to improve the quality of life for both foreign-born and native-born city residents

Survey finds that Nashville business leaders see connection between Nashville's economic success and its efforts to welcome and integrate immigrants

MPI publishes demographic analysis of Middle Eastern and North African immigrants in the U.S.

Kauffman Foundation report finds that immigrants now account for 28.5 percent of all new entrepreneurs in the U.S.

MPI Report analyzes the extent to which European governments have been successful in "mainstreaming" immigrant integration

Survey reveals the extent to which library systems in the U.S. are "welcoming" to immigrants

On the 50th anniversary of the Immigration Act of 1965, scholars discuss its impact on America

Paper asks whether the nation's failed experiment with Prohibition has lessons for today's immigration policy makers

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops releases nine-point plan for reform of the U.S. immigration detention system

Bipartisan Policy Center report calls for "an objective set of comprehensive, performance-based outcome measures" for determining the success or failure of immigration enforcement policies

Report suggests that legalization of undocumented immigrants will substantially increase state and local tax revenue

Cato study finds no evidence that immigrants from poor or authoritarian countries undermine the values and institutions supporting "economic freedom" in host countries

The WE Global Network publishes a compendium of successful economic development strategies utilizing immigrants

Report from NJ Policy Perspective suggests that most undocumented students in NJ need access to state financial aid to continue their education

Paper challenges popular assumptions about the origin of restrictions on social welfare benefits for undocumented immigrants

Study ranks states by their efforts to favorably influence the social determinants of health for undocumented immigrants

MPI publishes profile of the Cuban immigrant population in the U.S.

Ford Foundation-funded study profiles the undocumented college student population, describes obstacles to their educational success, and identifies policies and practices to overcome these obstacles

Pew reports that a "rising share" (now 8.7 percent) of the U.S. black population is foreign-born

Pew report finds shifts in the occupational distribution of unauthorized immigrant workers since the Great Recession of 2007

MPI produces demographic portrait of immigrants in Houston and estimates the number of people potentially in need of immigration legal services, either to naturalize or to qualify for relief through executive action

Research reveals important changes in the size and composition of the unauthorized immigrant population, including a sharp decline in Mexican arrivals since 2000 and the fact that the majority of new unauthorized arrivals are now people who overstayed visas

Report released on North Carolina's 2014 "Summit for Cities and Towns" working on immigrant integration

MPI report discusses the evolving policy of the Chinese government towards immigrants

Study finds that the deportation of all undocumented workers would reduce U.S. GDP by $1.6 trillion

Study finds that future U.S. labor force growth will depend on Hispanic immigration and the size of the Hispanic workforce

Study from the William T. Grant Foundation analyzes the state of current research on policies and practices to reduce inequality for immigrant-origin children and youth

Vera Institute produces field guide for local law enforcement agencies interested in working effectively with Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian communities

National Skills Coalition calls for an educational path to legalization that is compatible with the manpower needs of the American economy and that provides adequate resources for implementation

MPI analyzes the competencies of adults in the U.S. "through an immigrant lens"

Study of low-income Hispanic families suggests that nativity, I.e. whether parents are immigrants or US-born, makes an important difference

New research suggests that high fees are discouraging the working poor from applying for naturalization

Study finds that deportees will risk harsh penalties to return to families in the United States

Study questions the claim that immigration detention is "non-punitive" in nature

Paper advances a "modest proposal" for immigration reform: move up the registry date to 2009